Testing and Measurement Technology  magazine intends to be published quarterly, four times a year.

This publication contains the following:
• Explanation (knowledge transformation) of design, manufacturing, operating, calibration and verification of test equipment and measuring devices in the laboratories and production lines
• Introducing the last articles, requirements and standards about the ordinary and special tests
• Presenting the last news and introducing the main test centers and related local and foreign exhibitions
• Introducing the best manufacturers and suppliers of test equipment and measuring devices in all industries

The target community of the magazine includes:
• Inspection companies
• Specialized exhibitions
• Rail industries
• Standard and Industrial Research
• Manufacturing, transmission and distribution industries
• Research centers
• Water and wastewater industries
• Informatics
• Environmental technologies
• Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment
• Automotive industry
• Plot industries and and assembly
• Oil and gas and petrochemical industries
• Pharmaceutical and food industries
• Defense industries
• Aerospace industries
• Agriculture industries
• Power plant industries
• Test centers
• Calibration and verification
• Academic and scientific centers

Experience in automotive testing and calibration and respective standards, is the main reason for focusing on this industry.
Therefor one of the most important of our audience is automotive testing and its depended industry.
We are trying to recognize testing, calibration and lab centers around the world and with introducing them to our inside industries, make better communications in testing and measurement science in Iran.
Magazine distribution is very purposeful. Organizations, companies, engineers and experts in this field are known on the basis of years of experience of common cooperation with magazine managers and are placed in target community. So, distribution domain of magazine includes: automobile and depended parts manufacturers, industrial labs, specialized exhibitions, defense industries, valid academic and scientific centers, NISO and subsidiaries, ministry of industry, ….

If you interest to have reportage or advertisement in our magazine, please contact us.